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A common problem that many Chinese students have is memorizing vocabulary. Memorizing can be an arduous process for all students, and even if they memorize the words, they usually can not use them correctly. Additionally, writing is traditionally a big issue for Chinese students. Many are not able to write anything down on the spot, and if they do write something, there are many grammatical mistakes with unclear meanings. Without constant reading and writing practice, students are unable to completely master the use of English. Our innovative and cost-effective 1-on-1 english learning curriculum can happily help solve these common issues!

Students will learn how to:

  • Gain confidence in their English ability
  • Develop their own creative ideas and thoughts
  • Gain a deeper understanding of common themes such as spirituality, freedom, slavery, nature, nationhood, communal and individual identity, gender, race, class and power
  • Speak about their opinions effectively and clearly
  • Listen to other people's ideas and understand their point of view
  • Write in a clear, organized and grammatically correct manner with unique ideas

Plan of Study

We understand every student is different in terms of English level and rate of learning, so we tailor/customize the lessons to the student's needs to make our class with them the most efficient. If the tutor feels the level of novels is too easy for the student, they will move into to reading higher level English novels, which involves a deeper level of reading and ideas in both discussion and writing. Writing homework assignments outside of class will be given every day and gone over during class the next day. Time commitment to the writing is up to the student since we know they have school and other commitments, obviously the more time the better.

Timeline for typical students.

Typical beginner students can 'graduate' from the beginner level after going through at least 3 or more Roald Dahl books, usually starting with 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'.

Typical intermediate/advanced students can get well prepared before they go abroad in high school/university after going over 3 or more of our recommended novels.

For a list of recommended novels and course descriptions, please view our curriculum.

Are you at a Beginner level, Intermediate level or Advanced level?

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