TutorOut Curriculum

Each section to the left provides a curriculum of study materials for improving English skills for our students. We encourage students to use this as a resource and a guide of what to expect when studying with our tutors. Click on a section to see information on that particular subject.

The method in which English is generally taught is different between the US and other countries, which includes China. TutorOut tries to bridge this gap and give Chinese students, particularly ones who are planning to study abroad in the US, the best preparation and a competitive edge before and during their time studying abroad. In order to do this, we have carefully selected and pooled together the most current and knowledgeable tutors from the best universities in the US to accomplish this goal. The reason we have specifically selected the tutors we use is because we believe not everyone can effectively teach the reading material. In order to get the best experience and highest quality, we believe that tutors must not only have experienced this level of English training themselves first hand from their top schools growing up, but also have been the most successful at it.

Our tutors run each of their English classes like how their top high schools and universities run them. They carefully go through the classic stories and novels that are read throughout all the US schools with the goal of helping the students improve their reading skills, analyze literary devices, gain a deep knowledge of American/World history and culture and open their minds to be more creative and think for themselves. Tutors ask, and teach students to ask, increasingly complex questions about the literature they are reading. By helping students discover the wisdom preserved in texts, teachers encourage students to develop full, meaningful and ethical lives. They should be able to not only to articulate their ideas about life in creative and original ways, but also to support these ideas by cogent reasoning from textual evidence.

In every class, students are encouraged to have their own creative ideas and thoughts. Our tutors will explore the many themes and ideas in the novels such as nationhood, spirituality, ambition, freedom, slavery, nature, communal and individual identity, gender, class, race and power. The tutor will help the student be able to develop his/her own ideas and be able to confidently speak his/her opinions effectively while be able to listen and understand different points of views, which is a necessary skill to have in an English classroom in America.

Writing is a central part of the American education system in respect to learning English. Therefore, the tutor will teach the student the 'American way' of writing. This includes being able to develop and support their own thesis in an organized, well thought-out and grammatically correct manner. We don't only teach the student how to write essays to get a good score on the standardized tests like most Chinese learning companies - our writing will make the student be proficient in writing so that he/she will be successful in not only standardized tests but also in his/her classes when they are studying in the US. The only way to do this is to be able to think in a knowledgeable and creative way that is developed through our unique classes.

The overall goal in learning with us through our American teaching style is to both improve the student's natural English ability and also change the way the student thinks on an academic level so that they will better prepared and have a competitive edge in respect to their counterparts when they study abroad and also in their future professional career.