Make money tutoring others over video chat!

Interested in becoming an English tutor for Chinese students? Please fill out the following form and we will contact you soon on how to get started! Check out our FAQ below for questions.

FAQ for New Tutors

What are the requirements in order to become a tutor at Tutorout?
Before applying, please ensure you qualify for the following requirements:
  1. You are a native English speaker
  2. Currently attending or have recently graduated from a TOP U.S. university.
  3. You are independent: You will be deciding the teaching structure and material to achieve a specific stated goal with your student
  4. You are adaptable: Different students have different ways of learning
  5. Some knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is helpful, but IS NOT required
How will I be tutoring the students?
All tutoring will be done over the internet through video chat.
When do I need to be available to tutor?
Scheduling is completely flexible. You just tell us your schedule and we will find students that are free during those times.
What kind of students can I expect?
Your students will be of Chinese decent who may come from different socio-economic backgrounds with different interests and goals. They can be outgoing and talkative or quiet and shy and maybe interested in either studying abroad, improving their English, or both!
What kind of compensation can I expect?
Rates are by the hour and vary depending on the student, exchange rates, and services provided. Rest assured, it will be much more than a typical college job!